Scott Murphy: 

Lead Vocals & Jazz Hands

Scott grew up in a family where music was playing all the time. Born in Toledo, Ohio, his family relocated to Manatee County in 1980. Scott's father, a musician himself, would often encourage Scott to sing along with him as he played the guitar.


Scott excelled in vocal music in high school and graduated with a scholarship in vocal music and with this, his musical journey began.  However, Scott decided that singing in a choral ensemble was not where his heart belonged, he wanted to rock! Scott soon met longtime friend and guitar player Matt Brown. Shortly after Scott and Matt met, the Skyway Jumpers band was formed. Scott has been part of several other bands over the years. One being named The Good Life, which had the opportunity to open for the national act Tantric.


Scott started with Triggerfish over 5 years ago and has not looked back. He is a big family man and enjoys doing anything adventurous.