Keith Edward Loch: 

Lead Guitar & Vocals

Jedi Ed - The artist formerly known as Keith Edward Loch. 

Ed is originally from Allentown, PA. He had always been drawn to music, but it was not until he saw his first concert at age 13 that solidified his need to play guitar. Seeing Jake E. Lee perform with Ozzy on the Bark at the Moon tour was all it took for him to devise his master plan of becoming a Rock Star.

With his mind made up, Ed started learning the licks of his heroes like Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhoads Jake E. Lee and Greg Howe. Over the years Ed has developed his own style of playing that can be described as aggressive yet melodic while inside yet outside.

Like so many young guitar players he reached for the stars. But after gigging in ABE area of Pennsylvania for a couple years, Ed decided he needed more out of life. So he auditioned and was accepted into the United States Navy Band. Ed then spent the next 8 years traveling the world playing guitar and entertaining the ladies – oops – audiences. So he may not have achieved his dream of becoming a true Rock Star, but he probably got closer to his dream than you got to yours.

After 8 years of service to his country, Ed left the Navy in 1999 to start on his second career. One in which he would actually make some real money. He completed his Master’s Degree in Network Architecture and Design and later completed his second Master’s in Project Management. He is currently a Senior Network Engineer for Elavon, a gateway payment processing company.

Now Ed just plays guitar for fun when he is not out golfing, running or spending time with his wife Heather and daughter Kayleigh. It is well known and accepted that Ed is very good looking, extremely smart, has great guitar chops, a wonderful singing voice, has badass Jedi skills and is very humble. Well, one of those is not true so go see him play with Triggerfish and figure that our for yourself.